Welcome Summer!

So the first day of summer was very, very good.  Here’s how it all panned out…

I met up with Mom and Dad about 5:30 to take our morning walk; it’s good exercise + a great time to talk business.  OH it was beautiful y’all.

Maine Morning Walk

A bit later all my guys and I had to pick Erick’s mom up for the day; on the way home we made a celebratory stop at Tim Hortons for some Timbits.  My current favorite assortment is chocolate, orange and caramel; it’s verrrry dangerous.  As a matter of fact I had just mentioned to Erick that we needed to cut “extras” out of our budget (save money AND calories), but the first day of summer calls for a celebration, right?

I spent the afternoon painting a piece of furniture for our design booth display…it turned out great!  The before and after is coming up in a post or two. I’m really thrilled with it.

Then!  A bit of a backstory; on Thursday I noticed on Instagram that Holly Mathis was flying to Maine to decorate for a client.



I emailed her right away; it wasn’t certain we would be able to connect but all I wanted to do was hug her neck!  That’s it!  And then around 2 she emailed and said she was free for dinner.


I took my paint covered self and slapped on some makeup and prayed to Jesus on the way to Kennebunkport that I would be halfway photogenic in the picture that I would take to mark this hallowed occasion. He answered positively.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 2.04.52 PM


She is such a darling…always has been, but meeting her in person was the icing on the cake.  We spent about 3 precious hours wandering stores, eating fish and chips and conversing on all possible topics. Happiness.

Best first day of summer ever!  Beautiful morning, time with my family, paintin’ furniture and dinner and a walk with a person I absolutely adore.

This IS the finest kind of life. ;-)


a ps…this is, obviously, the first post on this new site!  whole lotta first’s going on; I also just started a pinterest account for the business (this morning, so it has a very fews pins)…and twitter…and instagram…if you would be so gloriously kind as to follow me, I’d appreciate it so very much!  thanks!!