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Waves Hello!

It’s been awhile.   I miss this place. Do I sound like a broken record?  I’ve probably said that before. Life takes precedence, sometimes! And I live a full one these days…with children that wake at the crack of dawn and are night owls to boot!

I’m going to sprinkle some winter photos in here…just because. :)

Maine, Ice Storm

 A little of what I’ve been up to; I joined a team this month started by Jon Acuff.  It’s a facebook group that I pop in on every day and we just encourage each other.  We meet different goals every day.  I’ve met some incredible people in this little group; they are like a breath of fresh air!  So many dreams, so many goals, all being reached…with the help and encouragement of not-strangers-anymore.

Jerod Anthony Murr and Ryan Eller have had a dream for awhile that they are starting to put into practice; one which you can help them reach.  They want to take an item off of your Bucket List and Make It Happen.  How cool is that?  The first dream they gave away?  Sending a precious young lady to Ireland this summer.  Ireland!  How about we start out with a bang, right?!


YOU can be apart of this effort. With a little, teeny tiny bit of pocket change.  As in, $4.99.  Jerod has authored a book called 30 Days to Give; Choosing to Live a More Giving Lifestyle.  Proceeds go to Making Dreams Come True, friends.  And the book?  Can I tell you how much, after reading it, I longed to have read it a couple of decades ago?  It’s geared a little more towards the high school crowd, but I’m going to have my 7 and 9 year old read it. Not only does it shed light on the awesomeness of giving, but it gives practical ideas on how to raise money In Order to give.  It’s biblically based…but for everyone, regardless of religious status, regardless of age.

Truth is, when the discussion started a few weeks ago about this project, we all started thinking on our bucket list.  I made one in 2008.  I looked it up…y’all!  I hadn’t done a thing; not really.  That’s going to change!  God set dreams in our hearts; big ones and small ones.  He wants us to DELIGHT in this amazing life.  A few things I’d like to do?  Take a painting class. Visit as many State Parks as possible this summer.  Lighthouses too.  Take my kids to Disney.  Either go skydiving or take a ride in a hot air balloon.  Take the kids and travel…the states AND the world.  Hone some photography skills…take MORE pictures.  That’s just off the top of my head.

Frost Forest

What about you?  Do you have a bit of a bucket list?  I’d love to hear; I’m always so inspired by other’s dreams. And don’t forget to check out the book!  You’ll have a good read AND help someone’s dream come true; you can’t lose with something like that. :)


Have a great day friends!