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Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease. – Jimmy Carter

I’ll just cut to the chase; we are talking Human Trafficking.  Something that has so shaken me I can hardly discuss it without choking up.  Something that is so pervasive in our society around the world AND AT HOME that it blows my mind.  It makes me angry.  It makes want to rage.  It burdens me to my CORE.  And it absolutely confounds me.  I’m so confused!  What makes people think this is ok?  That it’s ok to own slaves?  And don’t tell me that it’s because they “don’t know Jesus” because honey, lots of people “don’t know Jesus” and know this is WRONG.    All I can sort out is that there are broken, broken people whose mentality is warped to their very core.  And I’m SAD for them.  Angry at them, yes, but more than that, I’m just sad.  UGH, Satan.  I’m so glad that you don’t win in the end.  Dark Spiritual Forces be damned.  (I so just said that. If you know me you know that it is hard for me to type that but it is APPROPRIATE, no?)


I’ll have more stats to share with you as we go; this isn’t my last post on this subject!

What is HOPEFUL is that people have been involved, and are getting involved, and the word is spreading, and we can FIGHT this.  Ordinary people can fight this.  I’m sitting at this keyboard in my robe and my boys are playing (loudly) and I have to make eggs in a minute and I might not get a shower in today and I don’t have a college degree and I’m tired alot of the time partly because of all this dang laundry and yet I CAN FIGHT THIS.  Matt and Laura Parker went beyond their comfort zone and moved their children across the world and with no training Matt fought this in a very intimate way, when not many others would.  BRAVE. I would urge you to go RIGHT HERE and read their story; watch the videos.  Get involved, somehow.  There is HOPE. I’ll be giving Laura’s book away soon…stay tuned!

Oh, this issue is so complex, and I’ll be unpacking it over time, but one amazing thing is the aftercare.  One group that gives women tangible support is Freeset. They hire women who have been rescued and give them jobs and they make BEAUTIFUL, USEFUL, GORGEOUS products of which I now own and I can attest to their workmanship.

SO.  Some ways to get involved?  Fund the BRAVO Team. Erick and I just signed up because cancelling out a good portion of our snacks and coffee will fund this incredible team of investigators who rescue women.

Purchase some Freeset goods.  Honor the women who have been rescued.

If you are the praying type, Pray.

Spread the Word.  LIKE The Exodus Road and Freeset on Facebook. Share this post. Please.

And look for state agencies!  Google Human Trafficking in your state; this is a mindblowing local problem as well.  I’m looking into an agency in Maine right now; I’ll let the locals know what I find out and how we can get involved here.

Thanks for reading. This story is.not.over.