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Lake House Dreams

Funny Story…when I very first moved to Maine, I had some friends tell me we were going to head to their grandmother’s camp.  Being a “flat lander”…I automatically assumed that she owned some kind of fantastic summer camp…the kind where kids come for a week during the year and play and there are counselors and programs..that kind.  I learned (quickly) that it meant a small house, usually on a lake…a little getaway.  Sometimes year round, usually seasonal.  And chances are, if you have lived in Maine for generations, you might just have a camp tucked into your family on one side or the other.

Baxter State Park, Maine, 163 Design Company

Since then, I always thought it would be fun to have the same.  But it was almost like window shopping to me; I don’t have to buy to be fulfilled; sometimes I just love to look and be inspired and have fun with the dream.

Swan Lake State Park

But this summer…oh, this summer!  I’ve been searching for property like this could be a real possibility someday. I’ve been a tad bit obsessed.  But I’ve felt incredibly guilty at the same time, because so much of the world is in pain…while I’m dreaming of something more than the perfectly good thing I have.  I think I pinpointed it though.  I have seen my boys thrive this summer.  I think they would stay in the lake all day, given the chance.  Ryan took kayaking lessons at summer camp.  They are all turning into little fishes.  The good?  That means they aren’t dependent on technology, which they sometimes feel like they should be.   When they are in nature, they don’t have to turn to minecraft.  It’s hard to pull them away from the fresh air.  Me as well!   It’s a worshipful experience for me, being in nature. I want to give my children every good thing while the world feels a little shaky…adventure and water and the woods being just a few.

Wolfe Neck State Park, Maine, 163 Design Company

Kink in the plans?  We can’t afford a camp.  LOL.  But maybe someday?  I found what I would love; I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s decorated in my mind, of course.  It’s this little 800 square foot thing, on over an acre of property.  That’s approx. 50,000 more square feet for my children to run and play and explore than what is currently their tiny backyard. That, plus a 3 mile lake at their beck and call.

Lake House

Isn’t it DARLING?  Tell me that’s not darling.  And that darling is driving me to distraction. It’s $130000.  I need to act on a $130000 idea. :-)  Suggestions welcome!

Baxter State Park, Maine, 163 Design CompanyWe’d play and explore from dawn to dusk.  And if we could make it year round (website doesn’t say if it’s year round or not), we’d visit in the winter and cross country ski.  And we’d open it up to friends and family to come and stay, because having something like that would be too good not to share!

Baxter State Park, Maine, 163 Design Company

I fully realize that a camp would be unneccesary…but at the same time it would be such an amazing legacy to leave to my kiddos, and their kiddos…

What do you get a charge from?  Do you have a fun little dream tucked away?



Summer in Maine

And sometimes…you take a 7 month bloggy break.  And your website is woefully in need of an update, and you are thankful it hasn’t gone to the dogs because you had dozens of new “installs” when you finally logged in to the blasted thing!  Twitter and business FB page have fallen by the wayside.  Every possible PR thing you could ignore, you have.  And yet business is still really good…thankful!!

Brief history of life since January:

Winter, cold and snowy, too much so.

Spring, highly anticipating summer.

Summer…may it never end!!

The best decision we made back during income tax time was signing up for a Maine State Park Pass.  $70, and we had them take it out of our return.  Here is a brief pictoral summer diary, because I want to remember this summer forever.

Last of June, Early July…rented a house on MDI with mom and dad.  Drove home during a hurricane. :-)  It was a wonderful week…first true vacation in YEARS.

This was our lovely little house, set back in the woods.  Perfection.

Vacation Rental MDI

Hilarious Family Photo on top of Cadillac.  We also greeted the sunrise at 4:45…well, mom, dad and I did. :)  It was so gorgeous and memorable!!

Cadillac Mountian, Acadia National Park, Maine

Beach at Seal Harbor.  We packed so much into this week, with a healthy dose of relaxation and sleeping in, too. :)

Seal Harbor, Maine

Bradbury Mountain State Park; hiked it with the boys.  Got lost on the way down.  :)  Ended up at Chipotles.  Yay!

Bradbury Mountain State Park, Maine

Beech Hill near Camden, and Camden Hills State Park.  Beech Hill is a new favorite!  Must go!

Beech Hill, Maine

Mount Battie, Camden Hills State Park

Fort Knox and Swan Lake State Park, last week.

IMG_5137 Swan Lake State Park, Maine

Yesterday we made another run into Camden to drop off orders, and discovered the Endless Summer Flower Farm.  All I’ll say to that is…GO!  You won’t regret it!


So, healthy dose of adventuring, and we aren’t done yet.   The boys also went to Fairhaven Camp for a week!  Close to completing a couple of room renovations I’ll share soon…and an exciting new line of products for the shop! Whew!

Wishing you a fantastic week!


My Christmas List

Hello there :)

The boys are at Grammy’s today; I have a list a mile long but I can’t help but pop in here!

I’ve been dreaming; how about you?  Erick and I are gifting each other with a date-night dinner & a movie this year…but I’ve had fun thinking about the “if money were no object scenario”.  I always have fun with that!  Sometimes it’s just as good as the real thing…

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.40.35 AM

In a limitless world?  I’d go for a:

New, King Size Bed. (We still have 2 boys that like to pop in and cuddle during the night. Enter…crick in the neck).  Fantastic pillows.  Goose Down everything!

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.42.41 AM

New Fridge, New Stove.  Heck, total kitchen renovation.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.41.50 AM

Come to think of it…time and money to tackle the boy’s room.  (They are still living with green and yellow floral curtains).  Overhaul our bedroom. Add a deck.  Make the attic liveable.  Refinish floors.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.40.57 AM

Pretty much anything from Schoolhouse Electric.  Their email ads are killin’ me.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.42.13 AM

Pretty much anything from Noonday Collection.  Check out my pinterest board.  Love this company so much!

Noonday Collection Scarf

The time to thoroughly clean house.  Top to Bottom.  Actually, the money to hire someone to clean my house.  Like the sound of that better. ;-)

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.41.17 AM

look at that little tree on the mast! {Camden in December}

A trip to England with Erick.

A family trip…anywhere.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.41.36 AM

Oooh!  One of those robot floor vacuums; I hear there is a mopper out now too!

Here’s a hint, for those of you on a slim budget like ourselves…we love Dave Ramsey but we also do what works for us, which is using our credit card for many of our purchases.  It’s a no-annual fee, cash-back bonus one, and we pay the full balance every month.  I used the cashback bonus money on my Allume trip this year, and we had $100 left over from the bonus for the boy’s Christmas gifts.  Bought them each a pair of roller skates (I SO don’t mind them skating in the house.  Burns off energy and we have wood floors).  Had money left for 3 little nerf guns. I also have a stack of bed sheets, and I purchased some screw-hooks and nylon rope; I’m going to construct some sort of great removeable fort/tent in their bedroom…the hooks will stay put so they can put it up and take it down whenever.  That’s my project for today!  They usually don’t get a great amount of gifts from us, but we try to make them fun ones.  And we made off with using the cash-back bonus money for everything. Wahoo!

I’m blessed, y’all.  It’s still fun to dream, though!  Do you have big fun dreams?  Robot vacuums for everyone? :-)



Honest-to-Goodness, I’ve been “blogging” a little more on instagram lately than here!  The boy’s homeschool curriculum is online, and between keeping the house running and their use of the computer, I haven’t seen this laptop in a week.  So I’m just going to throw the last week’s pictures up here as a way to say HEY!  I’m still around!  I’ve got to find a groove again, though.  I’m headed to Allume in Three! Weeks! and seeing as though it’s a blogging conference…might be good if I pay more attention to this little spot. I’m going to tell you more about the conference soon, and introduce you to my roomies.  But for now…these pics are a combo of Maine and New Hampshire and some homeschool “fieldtrips”. ;-)  It’s been a good week, fall is lovely (can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s true).  Have a fantastic Friday and beyond, friends!

IMG_2563 IMG_2587 IMG_2620 IMG_2623

Portsmouth, NH IMG_2614 IMG_2622 IMG_2714 IMG_2664 IMG_2653 IMG_2712 IMG_2709 IMG_2711 IMG_2710

life rearranged


A New Day!

Yesterday was SOMEthing else, my friends.  I was so overstimulated by the time Erick came home from work…whew!  Raising three boys is no joke!  Ryan almost broke his arm (seriously…but it was just a whopper of a bruise, thank GOODNESS), then whilst playing baseball together, Jack slammed the ball right into Ry’s smacker.  Bloody Face. A few hours later he choked on a grape…big time choke.  After that I sent him straight to bed…hopefully nothing will happen in bed, right?  Gracious.  And Jack and Luke; they are two of a kind.  So similar that they drive each other crazy.  And LOUD, boy are they loud!!  Teachers in town, I’m doing you a gigantic favor by homeschooling these little nuggets.  :)  What I can tell you is…with their spirit, they are going to be World Changers. I just know it.  God’s got a great plan for these three…


Ok, so if you follow me on instagram, you’ve gotten a peek or two into life lately; mom and dad went to the New England Trade Show in Massachusetts.

photo-38 copy We had high hopes; and DID get into some stores!  But bless the hearts of the people who put this together; about 1400 buyers had signed up, and only 2-300 came; a very, very small turnout.  We were anticipating selling more as well, but we’ll just rethink things and see what else we can do.  Not only did we have alot of friends covering this weekend in prayer, but we asked for God to supply the stores we needed to be in, and He did, obviously!  So even though orders didn’t roll in like crazy…


Eucharisteo..Always.  Praise through the good and the bad.  God will supply ALL of our needs.  He is SO GOOD!

Ok folks, the boys are at Grammy’s today, and I have a list a mile long to whip out.  Have a magnificent day, and soak up the remains of the summer!  It’s a New Day…so thankful that every morning gives us a fresh start!


Oh, Martha!

Good Thunderstormy Morning to YOU!

Woke up to thunder and lightening…woah! Supposed to happen all day, and of course it’s on my “day off” (Erick is taking the boys to Grammie’s) so while I was entertaining the thought of escaping for a bit, I’ll probably just hunker down here.

I wanted to share a photo with you, which makes me giddy for multiple reasons.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.16.25 PM

I snagged it from Jo Ellen’s facebook page (I hope you don’t mind, Jo Ellen!!) Jo Ellen and Tom are two of the kindest, talented, most generous people around and curate one of the best store collections…I could spend hours in their store every time I visit; which is quite a bit! They graciously carry quite a few of our products.  And yep, Martha Stewart popped into their store yesterday! I think I would just die on the spot.  I’m so happy for them!  I have to tell you…what makes me just sparkle from the inside out is the thought that Martha probably laid eyes on our products.  I’m 98 percent sure she did, because she that little whale wall hanging to the right of her head?  That’s ours!

{happy sigh}

Truly; if you are ever in Camden, stop in at Jo Ellen Designs.  You couldn’t support two better people!


I’ve been working on some prints…I was able to whip up a few at Selah Tea Cafe last week; it was a great little momma break.  I’m trying to figure out printing/shipping, then I’ll hopefully bombard the store with a new “line”.  I have some new jewelry ideas as well that I’m excited about.  New items in the shop, soon.


I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the past week; it’s wavered between foggy/rainy & brilliantly wonderful, sunshiny weather.  We hopped on down to Boothbay Harbor and visited the Maine State Aquarium; totally worth it.

OH!  And Luke, he is officially 2 years old.  Just…wow to that.

551030_10100989940338978_1907686966_n 1006311_10100989940528598_1084910001_n 936511_10100989940683288_580237129_n 17741_10100989940818018_508041439_n 1003063_10100989940937778_1755659926_n 21447_10100989941092468_138838744_n

Oh Maine.  I love you so.

Have a great Friday, friends!


Mag and Maine Love

Going to try to smash the last few weeks together in a post.  You ready?

We were featured in one of my favorite magazines.  Holy Moly, so fun to see!  It’s totally worth the cost, you guys!  Souvenir’s back issues are worth the buy as well. Amazing stuff; such an honor to be included among the awesomeness in this mag.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 11.50.39 AM

We’ve had some wild and wooly weather; from hot to foggy to rainy; it’s been an interesting summer. :)  Caught these on the road this week; foggy pictures are my fave.  First one is Wiscasset and second is just past Fairfield.  Not too terribly bad for phone pics!

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 6.10.38 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 6.10.18 AM

Ryan and Jack were in a parade last Saturday, and today is their last day of Scout Camp.  They’ve had just a little bit of fun. ;-)

IMG_1854 IMG_1857 IMG_1850Not only did we have my amazing Aunt Linda and Uncle Glenn up for a visit, but the day after they left, my Brother in Law and Sister in Law and Sweet, Sweet niece arrived.  We are loving having them here!  Luke is smitten with little Kaitlyn.


Having a summer full of family has been great!!

And last but not least; I’m trying to find 50 lovers-of-Maine: we turned our chalkboard poster into a t-shirt.  If we sell 50 within the next 9 days we will make a little money to help us get to the New England Trade Show this Sept: thought it would be a fun experiment! :)  Click here if you are interested, and thanks a million if you buy!


Ok, need to usher the boys out of the house; so glad I homeschool; don’t think I could take the stress of getting them out of the house in a timely matter every morning.  Ha!

Have an amazing weekend!!


The Design Show Weekend, Part Two

Alright; as I mentioned in the last post…thinking of leaving my boys for a couple of days just made me feel sad.  So Friday night I asked them if they wouldn’t mind tagging along; they didn’t!  We blew through our budget un-Dave Ramsey style and squeezed into a hotel room (all 7 of us) and didn’t get much sleep and Sunday I spent the whole day with my boys; mom and dad held down the fort at the show so I could mini-vacation with the guys.  We helped them pack up when it was over…it was wonderful; we haven’t done anything like that in ages.  Love my family.  Love Maine.  Love lots of pictures. :)

IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1350 IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1375 IMG_1378 IMG_1403 IMG_1404 IMG_1405

And in Camden; my battery was dying in a big way at this point.  Lucky to get that last shot in!



I tried taking dining room pictures yesterday but the light was deplorable.  We’ll see if I can keep it clean long enough to snap pics today with the kidlets running around…

Have a happy day!


Welcome Summer!

So the first day of summer was very, very good.  Here’s how it all panned out…

I met up with Mom and Dad about 5:30 to take our morning walk; it’s good exercise + a great time to talk business.  OH it was beautiful y’all.

Maine Morning Walk

A bit later all my guys and I had to pick Erick’s mom up for the day; on the way home we made a celebratory stop at Tim Hortons for some Timbits.  My current favorite assortment is chocolate, orange and caramel; it’s verrrry dangerous.  As a matter of fact I had just mentioned to Erick that we needed to cut “extras” out of our budget (save money AND calories), but the first day of summer calls for a celebration, right?

I spent the afternoon painting a piece of furniture for our design booth display…it turned out great!  The before and after is coming up in a post or two. I’m really thrilled with it.

Then!  A bit of a backstory; on Thursday I noticed on Instagram that Holly Mathis was flying to Maine to decorate for a client.



I emailed her right away; it wasn’t certain we would be able to connect but all I wanted to do was hug her neck!  That’s it!  And then around 2 she emailed and said she was free for dinner.


I took my paint covered self and slapped on some makeup and prayed to Jesus on the way to Kennebunkport that I would be halfway photogenic in the picture that I would take to mark this hallowed occasion. He answered positively.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 2.04.52 PM


She is such a darling…always has been, but meeting her in person was the icing on the cake.  We spent about 3 precious hours wandering stores, eating fish and chips and conversing on all possible topics. Happiness.

Best first day of summer ever!  Beautiful morning, time with my family, paintin’ furniture and dinner and a walk with a person I absolutely adore.

This IS the finest kind of life. ;-)


a ps…this is, obviously, the first post on this new site!  whole lotta first’s going on; I also just started a pinterest account for the business (this morning, so it has a very fews pins)…and twitter…and instagram…if you would be so gloriously kind as to follow me, I’d appreciate it so very much!  thanks!!