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Lake House Dreams

Funny Story…when I very first moved to Maine, I had some friends tell me we were going to head to their grandmother’s camp.  Being a “flat lander”…I automatically assumed that she owned some kind of fantastic summer camp…the kind where kids come for a week during the year and play and there are counselors and programs..that kind.  I learned (quickly) that it meant a small house, usually on a lake…a little getaway.  Sometimes year round, usually seasonal.  And chances are, if you have lived in Maine for generations, you might just have a camp tucked into your family on one side or the other.

Baxter State Park, Maine, 163 Design Company

Since then, I always thought it would be fun to have the same.  But it was almost like window shopping to me; I don’t have to buy to be fulfilled; sometimes I just love to look and be inspired and have fun with the dream.

Swan Lake State Park

But this summer…oh, this summer!  I’ve been searching for property like this could be a real possibility someday. I’ve been a tad bit obsessed.  But I’ve felt incredibly guilty at the same time, because so much of the world is in pain…while I’m dreaming of something more than the perfectly good thing I have.  I think I pinpointed it though.  I have seen my boys thrive this summer.  I think they would stay in the lake all day, given the chance.  Ryan took kayaking lessons at summer camp.  They are all turning into little fishes.  The good?  That means they aren’t dependent on technology, which they sometimes feel like they should be.   When they are in nature, they don’t have to turn to minecraft.  It’s hard to pull them away from the fresh air.  Me as well!   It’s a worshipful experience for me, being in nature. I want to give my children every good thing while the world feels a little shaky…adventure and water and the woods being just a few.

Wolfe Neck State Park, Maine, 163 Design Company

Kink in the plans?  We can’t afford a camp.  LOL.  But maybe someday?  I found what I would love; I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s decorated in my mind, of course.  It’s this little 800 square foot thing, on over an acre of property.  That’s approx. 50,000 more square feet for my children to run and play and explore than what is currently their tiny backyard. That, plus a 3 mile lake at their beck and call.

Lake House

Isn’t it DARLING?  Tell me that’s not darling.  And that darling is driving me to distraction. It’s $130000.  I need to act on a $130000 idea. :-)  Suggestions welcome!

Baxter State Park, Maine, 163 Design CompanyWe’d play and explore from dawn to dusk.  And if we could make it year round (website doesn’t say if it’s year round or not), we’d visit in the winter and cross country ski.  And we’d open it up to friends and family to come and stay, because having something like that would be too good not to share!

Baxter State Park, Maine, 163 Design Company

I fully realize that a camp would be unneccesary…but at the same time it would be such an amazing legacy to leave to my kiddos, and their kiddos…

What do you get a charge from?  Do you have a fun little dream tucked away?