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I’m trying to figure this all out.

LegosI want…so many things!  So many good things.  To be a better mom, to be a better wife. I know I’m decent, but I know I could do more; and no, I’m not being hard on myself. :)   To advocate for the hurting.  To be a more present friend.  To grow the business in a tangible way. Not to spin my wheels, which sometimes seems like a daily thing.  I wish life weren’t so busy.  Especially for a very NON Type A person like myself.


I know I have it good; I’m not complaining.  Just pondering.  Where should my priorities lie and how should that look like? (I do have the God/Wife/Mom thing figured out, even if they aren’t put into practice like they should be); it’s the other details that have me stumped. I have one day a week pretty much to myself, when the boys head up to their Grandma’s house. Only thing is, I’m stuck with the “What do I do now?” question on those days. Clean house?  Start a much desired project?  Get out of town?  Stay in bed all day?  Work on the business?  Write a blog post?  Organize the homeschooling thing better?  Visit much-neglected friends?  And the other 6 days a week that they are home? Well then. A little bit chaotic.  (But good, people.  I ADORE keeping them home).  Luke has all of the sudden started to skip his naps though…for shame.

Bed Head

I try to structure things for homeschool for Ry and Jack, but I know I could do so much better by them.  A little brother sure enjoys the attention on himself, which makes things a wee bit difficult.  That picture of Luke up there?  It’s such a precious sight.  Please pray I see it more often. {grin}

Ocean View

Does anyone have things down to a fairly decent, workable science?  And do you happen to have a non-stop 2 year old that fits into the mix…yet you keep things sane and straight anyway?  And have you managed to dust, maybe even clean your windows, too? {I can’t recall the last time I dusted, and about a year ago my parents very graciously cleaned my porch windows.  Other than that…yeah…well…}

Like I said, not complaining.  Just curious.  Just trying to discover what exactly it is God has for me…when and where and why and how-to.  And if you have any time-management ideas to throw my way, feel free!  Truly!

I’ll be back here, sometime.  Actually, I think I’m going to work hard to write one post a week.  Two, when I can.  My mind is fairly bursting with things to write about, and I have a giveaway in the works.  We also have new items up in the shop; I’ll share them here soon but in the meantime, if you haven’t been in awhile, you should go check it out! Right now, though, that bathroom is calling my name, begging me to clean it.  It does that on a fairly consistent basis.

{Priorities, you know.}



A New Day!

Yesterday was SOMEthing else, my friends.  I was so overstimulated by the time Erick came home from work…whew!  Raising three boys is no joke!  Ryan almost broke his arm (seriously…but it was just a whopper of a bruise, thank GOODNESS), then whilst playing baseball together, Jack slammed the ball right into Ry’s smacker.  Bloody Face. A few hours later he choked on a grape…big time choke.  After that I sent him straight to bed…hopefully nothing will happen in bed, right?  Gracious.  And Jack and Luke; they are two of a kind.  So similar that they drive each other crazy.  And LOUD, boy are they loud!!  Teachers in town, I’m doing you a gigantic favor by homeschooling these little nuggets.  :)  What I can tell you is…with their spirit, they are going to be World Changers. I just know it.  God’s got a great plan for these three…


Ok, so if you follow me on instagram, you’ve gotten a peek or two into life lately; mom and dad went to the New England Trade Show in Massachusetts.

photo-38 copy We had high hopes; and DID get into some stores!  But bless the hearts of the people who put this together; about 1400 buyers had signed up, and only 2-300 came; a very, very small turnout.  We were anticipating selling more as well, but we’ll just rethink things and see what else we can do.  Not only did we have alot of friends covering this weekend in prayer, but we asked for God to supply the stores we needed to be in, and He did, obviously!  So even though orders didn’t roll in like crazy…


Eucharisteo..Always.  Praise through the good and the bad.  God will supply ALL of our needs.  He is SO GOOD!

Ok folks, the boys are at Grammy’s today, and I have a list a mile long to whip out.  Have a magnificent day, and soak up the remains of the summer!  It’s a New Day…so thankful that every morning gives us a fresh start!