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Black Friday Idea!

Ok…truth.  Last “Black Friday” excursion I had was 13 years ago.  13 YEARS!  Erick and I were newlyweds, living in Virginia, and honestly, the day was awesome.  We woke up early, ate cinammon rolls and had Dr. Pepper at Burger King, then actually ended up at craft stores, gathering supplies so we could make Christmas Gifts.  {Good Times!!}

Since then, well, we’ve pretty much layed low during that weekend. ;-)  But if YOU are a Black Friday shopper (or not) I would love to plant a little idea in your head.  This week only, The Exodus Road will be selling 4 different groups of gifts, profits going to the effort to free slaves.  Something for EVERY budget, I promise.

Let me tell you a quick little story.  We support the Bravo Team, and get real time text updates of their efforts.  We’ve only supported them for a month…and in that time, not only was a pregnant girl rescued, but then I received this text…


My life has been turned upside down, y’all.  I just…this slays me.  One of your $25 purchases can go to support incredibly brave people whose feet are on the ground, Doing This Thing.  So please, please keep them in mind this week.

I have this t-shirt from one of he packages, and it’s my favorite thing.  Comfortable, just my style, and it reminds me that Ordinary People can contribute to Great Things.

Exodus Road

Get Shopping, People!  For something that will do so much more than you could ever imagine.