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Mentally Unpacking

Hello Good People!

I’m back!  And I have much to process about my weekend; it was beautiful.  I’m so glad I went.  I made some lifelong friends.Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.50.35 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.52.28 AM

Those crazy girls are the roommates I mentioned in my last post; Sandy, Lindsey and Resealia.  I am in girlfriend withdrawal this morning…totally have to admit that.  Wah!  It was like the most fantastic slumber party ever.  I crashed hard last night. :)  But the missing sleep was totally worth it.

I also met this gorgeous soul; I can’t tell you what a wonderful suprise it was to meet Lindsey face to face.  Only a month or two prior, I stumbled across the whitebuffalostylingco and instantly fell in love with her heart and style.  Neither of us knew we were each attending, so it was a wonderful meetup and we spent some great time together.


And Summer; I met this sweet girl who I did NOT personally get a picture with and am terribly sad about; but let me tell you; I am so excited to now be her friend.  She has a new blog that is going to take off in amazing ways and is one courageous woman that I admire deeply.


Ok, time is short and the babes will be waking any moment.  I wanted to share with you *some* of my lovely new friends this morning; there are more to come!  And there are some beautiful truths I discovered, and some ministries that I am partnering with that I cannot wait to share with you.  I’m busting at the seams with excitement over the whole weekend.

What I can say is that I can’t imagine another blog conference that would leave you red faced and puffy eyed most of the weekend (in a very good way).  Where more than blog benefits, you make lifelong friendships, enter beautiful worship, and come away blazing with an eagerness so powerful it consumes you…to start making a difference in lives across the world.

I want to share with you a blessing that was spoken over the ladies; it was during a powerful time of art and worship. (Yes, they most certainly go together!)  David Walker spoke this and left us in thankfulness and awe.

May the blessings released through your hands cause the windows to open darkened minds.

May the suffering your calling brings be but winter before the spring.

May the companionship of your doubt restore what your beliefs leave out.

May the secret hungers of your heart harvest from emptiness it’s sacred fruit.

May your solitude be a voyage into the wilderness and Wonder of God.

May your words have the prophetc edge to enable the heart to hear itself.

May the silence where your calling dwells foster your freedom in all you do and feel.

May you find words full of divine to find warmth to clothe the dying in the language of dawn.

May the slow light of Christ’s Communion be a sure shelter around your future.


(And Amen.  There I go leaking tears again).

Be back with you again  soon!


Thanks + Gratefulness

Ok, bear with me…shootin’ from the hip, trying to write this quickly so I can go play at the park with my boys. :)

Life has been this emotional roller coaster lately.  Major finance blahs.  Ideas that have fallen a little flat.  All mixed in with the good, too, people.  All mixed in with the good.  One of the major “goods”?  My sweet and funny and incredibly generous friend Melaine not only gave us a spot in the Souvenir Mag, but popped this suprise on me yesterday…

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.24.33 AM

See those little {mr. and mrs.} letters?  Totally her brainchild, but she asked us to whip them up for her, then she put them together in that beautiful sign, and they are going to be viewed on Four Weddings on TLC.  What????  And she’s giving us credit for them and trying to send business our way…

THAT.  THAT is who I want to be.  As time allows, I want to grow this blog to be someone of influence, so I can make THAT type of difference.  So I can light up someone’s life like that.

I want to be a Darlene, who took a chance on this ol’ girl as her first sponsor and sparked the desire to create even more.  I want to be a Holly, who can, with a sweet recommendation, make orders flood in.  I want to be an Ashley, who makes my stats explode whenever she mentions the blog.  And who, through her influence, introduces me to amazing people like Melaine, who ends up getting one of our products on tv.  I want to be a Sasha, who is unfailingly inspirational.  I want to be a Deborah, who is incredibly kind and loyal.  I want to be a Kelly, who through HER idea, kept us knee deep in It Is Well orders.  I want to be a Monica and Jess who fill up houses with “shut the front door” hilariousness because they have such brilliant and fun ideas…

Ladies, this is a big fat virtual THANK YOU.  In short, each of you has given us a God Sized Boost.  Ok, not that I want to be someone else, but I want to be used, just like He uses you. :)

And as for the business, we are kind of standing on the edge of a precipice…not really knowing what’s going to happen, but praying for wisdom, obviously, in where to take it.  And how and when and what to be apart of and who to sell too, and what products to focus on…it’s all this big “unknowing” at this point.  You know what my heart of hearts would love to see happen though?  That we would have to grow out of our little one-room studio.  That we would have to employ our neighbors.  That we could one day have this big happy bunch of people laughing together and creating together and just loving life together.  That we could meet needs…in the community and worldwide.  That we could pay my brother’s student loans off, no problemo.  That we could buy my mother-in-law a car that would actually last her a few years.  ;-)  That we wouldn’t have to worry about where our oil money for the winter was going to come from.  I’m going to Allume this fall, and I know that there are incredible opporunities to partner with difference-makers there.  I want to be able to do just that.

That’s a whole heckuva lotta wants.  Oh, I also (have always) wanted to be able to hire someone who has a passion for cooking and scrubbing toilets.  I SO WANT THAT.  Ha!

So this is basically a thank you, not only to those beautiful ladies I mentioned, but to all of my incredible friends who have purchased from us, and have championed us, and have prayed for us.  I’m just feeling so blessed and grateful for ALL of you!  You all light up my life, big time. And it’s a prayer request for, well, wisdom…to know the hows and wheres and whens of the business and the blog…that they would be revealed just as they should be.

You guys are the best.



The Maine Home+Design Show Weekend, Part One

Good Rainy Morning to Ya!

(Ok, first off, these photos were all taken from my phone in pretty rotten lighting.  Lesson learned, geeze!  Real camera next time we set up, for sure!)

We had a great weekend.  We developed AWESOME relationships and are working on wholesale orders!  That’s the exciting thing; even though it wasn’t technically a trade show, stores that we have either loved or knew nothing about now want us, so this is going to be a busy week. :) I’m going to give a little pictorial breakdown, from figuring the booth set up to loading up (we made it by an 1/8th of an inch in the van, WOAH!) to break-down.

Favorite part?  Booth Design.  Go figure.




IMG_1383Above?  Yeah.  TIGHT fit!!  Whew!  Below…it rained gallons on set up day.  GALLONS.






And…our super duper tear-downers. :)


Ok, so they aren’t tearing down much.  They did carry a box or two, ha!

I have to tell you; I had planned to be at the show the full two days with mom and dad.  But when I left on Friday to help set up and saw the baby’s sad face staring at me out the window, my heart melted, hugely.  We came home that night, and I proposed an idea to Erick…come with us!  So they did!  Saturday morning mom and dad left bright and early and we followed (thank goodness, because a few things were left behind…)  I’ll write more on the weekend with the boys and post that this week as well.  Don’t want to overload you all at once!  Good pictures, though, much better than these, I promise.  We had foggy mornings, which are my very favorite photo opportunities.  And it didn’t disappoint.

So yep, the weekend was a success and we are *very* glad we went.  And I must give a HUGE thank you to the folks at maine. & Maine Home+Design magazines.  OH my word, you guys. Buy, subscribe…help support some incredible folks!  I have to say that we were so touched and grateful for everyone on staff at those mags.  No words can describe our thankfulness; they were kind and genuine and supportive and our little cheerleading team.  It’s such a privilege to know the staff behind publications that I’ve loved to curl up with and salivate over for so long…dream come true!

AND Mary and Ken and Amy and Josh and Jo Ellen…a huge thank you to you as well!  It was awesome to see  friendly faces from home drop by and support us.  HUGS!

Ok, the boys are leaving for the day so I’m getting ready to CLEAN this dining room and take pictures; makeover will be posted asap.  Wahoo!

Done.  Have a great day, y’all.  :)


A Beautiful Day

Yesterday we finished up and packed for the Maine Home and Design Show; we head out this morning to go set up!  And instead of being stressful and rushed; it clicked right along.  Thank you God. We started out with another morning walk; it was foggy…just the way I like Maine mornings.


This picture  is a little grainier; I was using my iphone and zoomed.  Still pretty colors, though.


And when we took a break to eat fully ripened wild strawberries in the back yard…

Modern Laser Jewelry

I snapped this.  Can’t believe I hadn’t taken one like this yet. That sign is from my grandpa’s dairy farm back in New Mexico.  I’m so glad mom and dad hauled it up here!  The light is a little yellow in this picture, it came out that way when I snapped it.  But I like it…kinda vintage.


I’ll be back with booth pictures; we are so pleased with how things turned out!  And I have a couple of furniture makeovers and a fluffed up dining room to share as well.  Good stuff coming…

Have a beautiful day; we’d covet your prayers this weekend.  Thanks so much!