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Waves Hello!

It’s been awhile.   I miss this place. Do I sound like a broken record?  I’ve probably said that before. Life takes precedence, sometimes! And I live a full one these days…with children that wake at the crack of dawn and are night owls to boot!

I’m going to sprinkle some winter photos in here…just because. :)

Maine, Ice Storm

 A little of what I’ve been up to; I joined a team this month started by Jon Acuff.  It’s a facebook group that I pop in on every day and we just encourage each other.  We meet different goals every day.  I’ve met some incredible people in this little group; they are like a breath of fresh air!  So many dreams, so many goals, all being reached…with the help and encouragement of not-strangers-anymore.

Jerod Anthony Murr and Ryan Eller have had a dream for awhile that they are starting to put into practice; one which you can help them reach.  They want to take an item off of your Bucket List and Make It Happen.  How cool is that?  The first dream they gave away?  Sending a precious young lady to Ireland this summer.  Ireland!  How about we start out with a bang, right?!


YOU can be apart of this effort. With a little, teeny tiny bit of pocket change.  As in, $4.99.  Jerod has authored a book called 30 Days to Give; Choosing to Live a More Giving Lifestyle.  Proceeds go to Making Dreams Come True, friends.  And the book?  Can I tell you how much, after reading it, I longed to have read it a couple of decades ago?  It’s geared a little more towards the high school crowd, but I’m going to have my 7 and 9 year old read it. Not only does it shed light on the awesomeness of giving, but it gives practical ideas on how to raise money In Order to give.  It’s biblically based…but for everyone, regardless of religious status, regardless of age.

Truth is, when the discussion started a few weeks ago about this project, we all started thinking on our bucket list.  I made one in 2008.  I looked it up…y’all!  I hadn’t done a thing; not really.  That’s going to change!  God set dreams in our hearts; big ones and small ones.  He wants us to DELIGHT in this amazing life.  A few things I’d like to do?  Take a painting class. Visit as many State Parks as possible this summer.  Lighthouses too.  Take my kids to Disney.  Either go skydiving or take a ride in a hot air balloon.  Take the kids and travel…the states AND the world.  Hone some photography skills…take MORE pictures.  That’s just off the top of my head.

Frost Forest

What about you?  Do you have a bit of a bucket list?  I’d love to hear; I’m always so inspired by other’s dreams. And don’t forget to check out the book!  You’ll have a good read AND help someone’s dream come true; you can’t lose with something like that. :)


Have a great day friends!


Hello Beautiful People

I miss this. I miss sitting down and writing. Would you like to know which 2 year old is hijaking my ability to blog?
That rascally little two year old down there.

family photo

This child…this TWO YEAR OLD…is staying up until 10 or 11 at night. YES! I know, right? What two year old stays up that late? And he is FULL of energy! He takes one nap during the day. And then is up all hours. I propped my eyes open and climbed out of bed early to come write, and I heard his little “mama” at 5:45. I made a mad dash into the bedroom and was able to get him settled back down, thank you JESUS.  I am not a night owl.  But have begrudgingly become one.  Sigh.  He’s lucky he’s cute. :)

family photo

We had family photos taken by Jennifer Whilhite Photography.  If you are local…she’s just a little fantastic. :)  Can you believe that we did not cut our children’s hair?  Ugh.  We are always last minute on that kind of thing.  This time we missed out totally, but on the bright side we’ll have Luke’s mullet  documented for all time!

Oh FRIENDS.  I have so much to say!  It wants to just pour right out of me in novel form, but who has time for that?  I will tell you a little bit about Allume…I’m headed there Thursday.  I told my roomies last night I’m obnoxiously excited.  It’s true!  I never figured myself for a blogging conference kind of girl, but Allume is so much more than just a blogging conference; you should take a look around the website.  I’m going to partner with some ministries I’m thrilled about and I’m going to take some classes from people I’ve admired for years.  GAH.  Get me on the plane, already.

I have to give huge thanks to 3 friends that planted the idea of going in my head, that for various reasons are not able to attend (one due to a sweet baby girl that recently arrived, and another due to a sweet baby girl that is due very, very shortly!)  Kristen said “girl, we should go together!” then got pregnant, of all things.  Kristen, I’m pretty much going because of you. THANK YOU.  And Darlene and Holly, thanks for your encouragement to actually follow through; so sad that you won’t be able to make it {seriously, big SIGH} but so grateful for the nudge to just DO it.

A few months ago I had to pop up a request on facebook asking for roomies, and weeks and weeks went by with no bites.  I was a wee bit worried…then God started forming the perfect group of girls and we’ve connected in a marvelous way already; I can’t wait to hug their necks.  They are all beautiful souls; God’s timing and plan is always spot on!!  Lindsey and Resealia and Sandy…I guess Luke has been training me pretty well lately because it’s doubtful we’ll get much sleep anyway! I have practice!

So anyway, prayers are much appreciated; that God would shine through in a huge way this weekend.  AND could you please pray for my boys, and for my momma’s heart?  I know they’ll be fine, but Luke, well…he’s too young to fully understand that I’ll be leaving Thursday and not coming back until Sunday.  And he doesn’t like it when I’m gone for the afternoon, sooo…prayers for that whole scenario would be greatly appreciated.

One more thing, friends!  I put this request out on Instagram but I want to put it out here too…

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.27.26 AM

Please pray for this sweet couple.  Adam is currently in Boston on an artificial lung.  One lung is removed, the other is prayerfully going to recover.  The dreaded, blasted big C attacked and things are significantly serious right now.  They have two precious little boys…just…no real words, but a plea to pray. I’ll keep you updated.

Thank you guys!  If I don’t write again before I leave…I’ll be coming back with some pretty darn good writing material. :)  Have a great week!


The Maine Home+Design Show Weekend, Part One

Good Rainy Morning to Ya!

(Ok, first off, these photos were all taken from my phone in pretty rotten lighting.  Lesson learned, geeze!  Real camera next time we set up, for sure!)

We had a great weekend.  We developed AWESOME relationships and are working on wholesale orders!  That’s the exciting thing; even though it wasn’t technically a trade show, stores that we have either loved or knew nothing about now want us, so this is going to be a busy week. :) I’m going to give a little pictorial breakdown, from figuring the booth set up to loading up (we made it by an 1/8th of an inch in the van, WOAH!) to break-down.

Favorite part?  Booth Design.  Go figure.




IMG_1383Above?  Yeah.  TIGHT fit!!  Whew!  Below…it rained gallons on set up day.  GALLONS.






And…our super duper tear-downers. :)


Ok, so they aren’t tearing down much.  They did carry a box or two, ha!

I have to tell you; I had planned to be at the show the full two days with mom and dad.  But when I left on Friday to help set up and saw the baby’s sad face staring at me out the window, my heart melted, hugely.  We came home that night, and I proposed an idea to Erick…come with us!  So they did!  Saturday morning mom and dad left bright and early and we followed (thank goodness, because a few things were left behind…)  I’ll write more on the weekend with the boys and post that this week as well.  Don’t want to overload you all at once!  Good pictures, though, much better than these, I promise.  We had foggy mornings, which are my very favorite photo opportunities.  And it didn’t disappoint.

So yep, the weekend was a success and we are *very* glad we went.  And I must give a HUGE thank you to the folks at maine. & Maine Home+Design magazines.  OH my word, you guys. Buy, subscribe…help support some incredible folks!  I have to say that we were so touched and grateful for everyone on staff at those mags.  No words can describe our thankfulness; they were kind and genuine and supportive and our little cheerleading team.  It’s such a privilege to know the staff behind publications that I’ve loved to curl up with and salivate over for so long…dream come true!

AND Mary and Ken and Amy and Josh and Jo Ellen…a huge thank you to you as well!  It was awesome to see  friendly faces from home drop by and support us.  HUGS!

Ok, the boys are leaving for the day so I’m getting ready to CLEAN this dining room and take pictures; makeover will be posted asap.  Wahoo!

Done.  Have a great day, y’all.  :)


Welcome Summer!

So the first day of summer was very, very good.  Here’s how it all panned out…

I met up with Mom and Dad about 5:30 to take our morning walk; it’s good exercise + a great time to talk business.  OH it was beautiful y’all.

Maine Morning Walk

A bit later all my guys and I had to pick Erick’s mom up for the day; on the way home we made a celebratory stop at Tim Hortons for some Timbits.  My current favorite assortment is chocolate, orange and caramel; it’s verrrry dangerous.  As a matter of fact I had just mentioned to Erick that we needed to cut “extras” out of our budget (save money AND calories), but the first day of summer calls for a celebration, right?

I spent the afternoon painting a piece of furniture for our design booth display…it turned out great!  The before and after is coming up in a post or two. I’m really thrilled with it.

Then!  A bit of a backstory; on Thursday I noticed on Instagram that Holly Mathis was flying to Maine to decorate for a client.



I emailed her right away; it wasn’t certain we would be able to connect but all I wanted to do was hug her neck!  That’s it!  And then around 2 she emailed and said she was free for dinner.


I took my paint covered self and slapped on some makeup and prayed to Jesus on the way to Kennebunkport that I would be halfway photogenic in the picture that I would take to mark this hallowed occasion. He answered positively.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 2.04.52 PM


She is such a darling…always has been, but meeting her in person was the icing on the cake.  We spent about 3 precious hours wandering stores, eating fish and chips and conversing on all possible topics. Happiness.

Best first day of summer ever!  Beautiful morning, time with my family, paintin’ furniture and dinner and a walk with a person I absolutely adore.

This IS the finest kind of life. ;-)


a ps…this is, obviously, the first post on this new site!  whole lotta first’s going on; I also just started a pinterest account for the business (this morning, so it has a very fews pins)…and twitter…and instagram…if you would be so gloriously kind as to follow me, I’d appreciate it so very much!  thanks!!