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Black Friday Idea!

Ok…truth.  Last “Black Friday” excursion I had was 13 years ago.  13 YEARS!  Erick and I were newlyweds, living in Virginia, and honestly, the day was awesome.  We woke up early, ate cinammon rolls and had Dr. Pepper at Burger King, then actually ended up at craft stores, gathering supplies so we could make Christmas Gifts.  {Good Times!!}

Since then, well, we’ve pretty much layed low during that weekend. ;-)  But if YOU are a Black Friday shopper (or not) I would love to plant a little idea in your head.  This week only, The Exodus Road will be selling 4 different groups of gifts, profits going to the effort to free slaves.  Something for EVERY budget, I promise.

Let me tell you a quick little story.  We support the Bravo Team, and get real time text updates of their efforts.  We’ve only supported them for a month…and in that time, not only was a pregnant girl rescued, but then I received this text…


My life has been turned upside down, y’all.  I just…this slays me.  One of your $25 purchases can go to support incredibly brave people whose feet are on the ground, Doing This Thing.  So please, please keep them in mind this week.

I have this t-shirt from one of he packages, and it’s my favorite thing.  Comfortable, just my style, and it reminds me that Ordinary People can contribute to Great Things.

Exodus Road

Get Shopping, People!  For something that will do so much more than you could ever imagine.



Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease. – Jimmy Carter

I’ll just cut to the chase; we are talking Human Trafficking.  Something that has so shaken me I can hardly discuss it without choking up.  Something that is so pervasive in our society around the world AND AT HOME that it blows my mind.  It makes me angry.  It makes want to rage.  It burdens me to my CORE.  And it absolutely confounds me.  I’m so confused!  What makes people think this is ok?  That it’s ok to own slaves?  And don’t tell me that it’s because they “don’t know Jesus” because honey, lots of people “don’t know Jesus” and know this is WRONG.    All I can sort out is that there are broken, broken people whose mentality is warped to their very core.  And I’m SAD for them.  Angry at them, yes, but more than that, I’m just sad.  UGH, Satan.  I’m so glad that you don’t win in the end.  Dark Spiritual Forces be damned.  (I so just said that. If you know me you know that it is hard for me to type that but it is APPROPRIATE, no?)


I’ll have more stats to share with you as we go; this isn’t my last post on this subject!

What is HOPEFUL is that people have been involved, and are getting involved, and the word is spreading, and we can FIGHT this.  Ordinary people can fight this.  I’m sitting at this keyboard in my robe and my boys are playing (loudly) and I have to make eggs in a minute and I might not get a shower in today and I don’t have a college degree and I’m tired alot of the time partly because of all this dang laundry and yet I CAN FIGHT THIS.  Matt and Laura Parker went beyond their comfort zone and moved their children across the world and with no training Matt fought this in a very intimate way, when not many others would.  BRAVE. I would urge you to go RIGHT HERE and read their story; watch the videos.  Get involved, somehow.  There is HOPE. I’ll be giving Laura’s book away soon…stay tuned!

Oh, this issue is so complex, and I’ll be unpacking it over time, but one amazing thing is the aftercare.  One group that gives women tangible support is Freeset. They hire women who have been rescued and give them jobs and they make BEAUTIFUL, USEFUL, GORGEOUS products of which I now own and I can attest to their workmanship.

SO.  Some ways to get involved?  Fund the BRAVO Team. Erick and I just signed up because cancelling out a good portion of our snacks and coffee will fund this incredible team of investigators who rescue women.

Purchase some Freeset goods.  Honor the women who have been rescued.

If you are the praying type, Pray.

Spread the Word.  LIKE The Exodus Road and Freeset on Facebook. Share this post. Please.

And look for state agencies!  Google Human Trafficking in your state; this is a mindblowing local problem as well.  I’m looking into an agency in Maine right now; I’ll let the locals know what I find out and how we can get involved here.

Thanks for reading. This story is.not.over.




Hello Beautiful People

I miss this. I miss sitting down and writing. Would you like to know which 2 year old is hijaking my ability to blog?
That rascally little two year old down there.

family photo

This child…this TWO YEAR OLD…is staying up until 10 or 11 at night. YES! I know, right? What two year old stays up that late? And he is FULL of energy! He takes one nap during the day. And then is up all hours. I propped my eyes open and climbed out of bed early to come write, and I heard his little “mama” at 5:45. I made a mad dash into the bedroom and was able to get him settled back down, thank you JESUS.  I am not a night owl.  But have begrudgingly become one.  Sigh.  He’s lucky he’s cute. :)

family photo

We had family photos taken by Jennifer Whilhite Photography.  If you are local…she’s just a little fantastic. :)  Can you believe that we did not cut our children’s hair?  Ugh.  We are always last minute on that kind of thing.  This time we missed out totally, but on the bright side we’ll have Luke’s mullet  documented for all time!

Oh FRIENDS.  I have so much to say!  It wants to just pour right out of me in novel form, but who has time for that?  I will tell you a little bit about Allume…I’m headed there Thursday.  I told my roomies last night I’m obnoxiously excited.  It’s true!  I never figured myself for a blogging conference kind of girl, but Allume is so much more than just a blogging conference; you should take a look around the website.  I’m going to partner with some ministries I’m thrilled about and I’m going to take some classes from people I’ve admired for years.  GAH.  Get me on the plane, already.

I have to give huge thanks to 3 friends that planted the idea of going in my head, that for various reasons are not able to attend (one due to a sweet baby girl that recently arrived, and another due to a sweet baby girl that is due very, very shortly!)  Kristen said “girl, we should go together!” then got pregnant, of all things.  Kristen, I’m pretty much going because of you. THANK YOU.  And Darlene and Holly, thanks for your encouragement to actually follow through; so sad that you won’t be able to make it {seriously, big SIGH} but so grateful for the nudge to just DO it.

A few months ago I had to pop up a request on facebook asking for roomies, and weeks and weeks went by with no bites.  I was a wee bit worried…then God started forming the perfect group of girls and we’ve connected in a marvelous way already; I can’t wait to hug their necks.  They are all beautiful souls; God’s timing and plan is always spot on!!  Lindsey and Resealia and Sandy…I guess Luke has been training me pretty well lately because it’s doubtful we’ll get much sleep anyway! I have practice!

So anyway, prayers are much appreciated; that God would shine through in a huge way this weekend.  AND could you please pray for my boys, and for my momma’s heart?  I know they’ll be fine, but Luke, well…he’s too young to fully understand that I’ll be leaving Thursday and not coming back until Sunday.  And he doesn’t like it when I’m gone for the afternoon, sooo…prayers for that whole scenario would be greatly appreciated.

One more thing, friends!  I put this request out on Instagram but I want to put it out here too…

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.27.26 AM

Please pray for this sweet couple.  Adam is currently in Boston on an artificial lung.  One lung is removed, the other is prayerfully going to recover.  The dreaded, blasted big C attacked and things are significantly serious right now.  They have two precious little boys…just…no real words, but a plea to pray. I’ll keep you updated.

Thank you guys!  If I don’t write again before I leave…I’ll be coming back with some pretty darn good writing material. :)  Have a great week!


A New Day!

Yesterday was SOMEthing else, my friends.  I was so overstimulated by the time Erick came home from work…whew!  Raising three boys is no joke!  Ryan almost broke his arm (seriously…but it was just a whopper of a bruise, thank GOODNESS), then whilst playing baseball together, Jack slammed the ball right into Ry’s smacker.  Bloody Face. A few hours later he choked on a grape…big time choke.  After that I sent him straight to bed…hopefully nothing will happen in bed, right?  Gracious.  And Jack and Luke; they are two of a kind.  So similar that they drive each other crazy.  And LOUD, boy are they loud!!  Teachers in town, I’m doing you a gigantic favor by homeschooling these little nuggets.  :)  What I can tell you is…with their spirit, they are going to be World Changers. I just know it.  God’s got a great plan for these three…


Ok, so if you follow me on instagram, you’ve gotten a peek or two into life lately; mom and dad went to the New England Trade Show in Massachusetts.

photo-38 copy We had high hopes; and DID get into some stores!  But bless the hearts of the people who put this together; about 1400 buyers had signed up, and only 2-300 came; a very, very small turnout.  We were anticipating selling more as well, but we’ll just rethink things and see what else we can do.  Not only did we have alot of friends covering this weekend in prayer, but we asked for God to supply the stores we needed to be in, and He did, obviously!  So even though orders didn’t roll in like crazy…


Eucharisteo..Always.  Praise through the good and the bad.  God will supply ALL of our needs.  He is SO GOOD!

Ok folks, the boys are at Grammy’s today, and I have a list a mile long to whip out.  Have a magnificent day, and soak up the remains of the summer!  It’s a New Day…so thankful that every morning gives us a fresh start!


When Life Gives you Lemons…

One Car Engine Replacement: $3700.

Taking your car in to get the tires rotated 1 week later, and coming home with NEW tires, NEW brakes, and NEW rotors: $1000.

Waking up the very next day to a tree lying across your car:


Priceless, Baby.  Priceless.

Ok, obviously the tree didn’t do much damage.  And it’s just a limb, not the whole thing, thank goodness!  I think the worst part was the fact that my brother in law is in town with his precious wife and my brand new niece, so we are letting them borrow the car, and this happened on his watch up at my mother-in-law’s house.  He looked out the window in the morning and saw this…can you IMAGINE?  Heart attack central.  My mil called me up and told me and I just fell into fits of giggles. Because what else are you going to do, the day after you’ve spent close to $5000 on your very used car?  So, so thankful it was just dings and scratches.  OH MY so thankful.

We do, however, have a tree that must come down in the back of our house; the same storm that took the limb down up there split the tree behind us.  It is now in an incredibly precarious position, holy moly.  If it falls the rest of the way, it is in danger of either taking our house out or one of 2 of our neighbors…so yeah.  YOU GUYS.  It’s POURING over here.  Raining and pouring.


I put together that little photo above and it calmed my heart last night.  It’s so true, right?  So very true. Not that I haven’t been exceptionally irritated at times, but it’ll all come together, always does. Unfortunately what I want most in the world is to go on a Target shopping spree.  :) You want the most what you can’t have right? Ha!


One of my favorite turning-life-into-lemons people, the Lemonade Makin’ Mama herself, is hosting a giveaway for some jewelry today, from our company!  And there is a right good little coupon code over there if you are interested. And free shipping, to boot! I’ve come up with some new pieces that I don’t believe I’ve ever shared on the blog, so you’ll have to go check them out.

Well, Ryan and Jack are off to their second day of camp and Erick is taking the little one to his mom’s today; I’m going to make a delivery with mom and dad to Camden.  It’s a rainy day, but I’m going to hunt down some lemonade anyway, darn it!

Have a beautiful day, no matter the weather!