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New Shop News!

Summer is…starting to wind down, and I’m a little bit in DISBELIEF because how could it?  I’m such a crybaby over here!  Nothing, at all, like a Maine Summer.  We did summer right this year.  State Parks, swimming out the wazoo, a thousand Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Good thing Fall puts on a show, I tell ya.

Painted in Waterlogue, Big Indian Lake, Maine Painted in Waterlogue, Camden Maine

Are you ready for fall?  I know so many people are!!


So, fun news!  We were featured in a “Hot Trends” Etsy Newsletter.  There is NOTHING like the power of PR.  It really made me realize how far we could take this little company, because a boost like that did wonders.  People like us! They really do!  Our Canvas Letters were featured, but it gave our whole line business.  Fast and furious and fun there for awhile!

But OTHER news; we have wanted to introduce color for awhile, and we took our collective photos and waterlogued the heck out of them.  Then started a Society6 line!  And wow…talk about incredible quality!  We are so happy with them!  We have more in this line that we are working on, and will be making similar items available in our Etsy shop soon…for wholesale as well.  Big departure from what we’ve been up to the last couple of years, but we adore it.  Here are a few things you can find in the shop, with more added every day! Oh!  And there is free shipping through Sunday!

Society6 Framed Print, Norway, Maine, Fall Society6 Art Print, Lobsterman, Maine, 163 Design Company Society6 Pillow, Happy As Clams, Maine Society6 Tote, Somes Sound, Maine, MDI Society6 Clock, Baxter State Park Society6 Mug

We’d love for you to hop on over and take a look there and our Etsy store…think Christmas!  Never too early to do that.  Unless you are like me and still stuck in summerland. :)

Have a Super Day Friends!


Summer in Maine

And sometimes…you take a 7 month bloggy break.  And your website is woefully in need of an update, and you are thankful it hasn’t gone to the dogs because you had dozens of new “installs” when you finally logged in to the blasted thing!  Twitter and business FB page have fallen by the wayside.  Every possible PR thing you could ignore, you have.  And yet business is still really good…thankful!!

Brief history of life since January:

Winter, cold and snowy, too much so.

Spring, highly anticipating summer.

Summer…may it never end!!

The best decision we made back during income tax time was signing up for a Maine State Park Pass.  $70, and we had them take it out of our return.  Here is a brief pictoral summer diary, because I want to remember this summer forever.

Last of June, Early July…rented a house on MDI with mom and dad.  Drove home during a hurricane. :-)  It was a wonderful week…first true vacation in YEARS.

This was our lovely little house, set back in the woods.  Perfection.

Vacation Rental MDI

Hilarious Family Photo on top of Cadillac.  We also greeted the sunrise at 4:45…well, mom, dad and I did. :)  It was so gorgeous and memorable!!

Cadillac Mountian, Acadia National Park, Maine

Beach at Seal Harbor.  We packed so much into this week, with a healthy dose of relaxation and sleeping in, too. :)

Seal Harbor, Maine

Bradbury Mountain State Park; hiked it with the boys.  Got lost on the way down.  :)  Ended up at Chipotles.  Yay!

Bradbury Mountain State Park, Maine

Beech Hill near Camden, and Camden Hills State Park.  Beech Hill is a new favorite!  Must go!

Beech Hill, Maine

Mount Battie, Camden Hills State Park

Fort Knox and Swan Lake State Park, last week.

IMG_5137 Swan Lake State Park, Maine

Yesterday we made another run into Camden to drop off orders, and discovered the Endless Summer Flower Farm.  All I’ll say to that is…GO!  You won’t regret it!


So, healthy dose of adventuring, and we aren’t done yet.   The boys also went to Fairhaven Camp for a week!  Close to completing a couple of room renovations I’ll share soon…and an exciting new line of products for the shop! Whew!

Wishing you a fantastic week!


Black Friday Idea!

Ok…truth.  Last “Black Friday” excursion I had was 13 years ago.  13 YEARS!  Erick and I were newlyweds, living in Virginia, and honestly, the day was awesome.  We woke up early, ate cinammon rolls and had Dr. Pepper at Burger King, then actually ended up at craft stores, gathering supplies so we could make Christmas Gifts.  {Good Times!!}

Since then, well, we’ve pretty much layed low during that weekend. ;-)  But if YOU are a Black Friday shopper (or not) I would love to plant a little idea in your head.  This week only, The Exodus Road will be selling 4 different groups of gifts, profits going to the effort to free slaves.  Something for EVERY budget, I promise.

Let me tell you a quick little story.  We support the Bravo Team, and get real time text updates of their efforts.  We’ve only supported them for a month…and in that time, not only was a pregnant girl rescued, but then I received this text…


My life has been turned upside down, y’all.  I just…this slays me.  One of your $25 purchases can go to support incredibly brave people whose feet are on the ground, Doing This Thing.  So please, please keep them in mind this week.

I have this t-shirt from one of he packages, and it’s my favorite thing.  Comfortable, just my style, and it reminds me that Ordinary People can contribute to Great Things.

Exodus Road

Get Shopping, People!  For something that will do so much more than you could ever imagine.



I’m trying to figure this all out.

LegosI want…so many things!  So many good things.  To be a better mom, to be a better wife. I know I’m decent, but I know I could do more; and no, I’m not being hard on myself. :)   To advocate for the hurting.  To be a more present friend.  To grow the business in a tangible way. Not to spin my wheels, which sometimes seems like a daily thing.  I wish life weren’t so busy.  Especially for a very NON Type A person like myself.


I know I have it good; I’m not complaining.  Just pondering.  Where should my priorities lie and how should that look like? (I do have the God/Wife/Mom thing figured out, even if they aren’t put into practice like they should be); it’s the other details that have me stumped. I have one day a week pretty much to myself, when the boys head up to their Grandma’s house. Only thing is, I’m stuck with the “What do I do now?” question on those days. Clean house?  Start a much desired project?  Get out of town?  Stay in bed all day?  Work on the business?  Write a blog post?  Organize the homeschooling thing better?  Visit much-neglected friends?  And the other 6 days a week that they are home? Well then. A little bit chaotic.  (But good, people.  I ADORE keeping them home).  Luke has all of the sudden started to skip his naps though…for shame.

Bed Head

I try to structure things for homeschool for Ry and Jack, but I know I could do so much better by them.  A little brother sure enjoys the attention on himself, which makes things a wee bit difficult.  That picture of Luke up there?  It’s such a precious sight.  Please pray I see it more often. {grin}

Ocean View

Does anyone have things down to a fairly decent, workable science?  And do you happen to have a non-stop 2 year old that fits into the mix…yet you keep things sane and straight anyway?  And have you managed to dust, maybe even clean your windows, too? {I can’t recall the last time I dusted, and about a year ago my parents very graciously cleaned my porch windows.  Other than that…yeah…well…}

Like I said, not complaining.  Just curious.  Just trying to discover what exactly it is God has for me…when and where and why and how-to.  And if you have any time-management ideas to throw my way, feel free!  Truly!

I’ll be back here, sometime.  Actually, I think I’m going to work hard to write one post a week.  Two, when I can.  My mind is fairly bursting with things to write about, and I have a giveaway in the works.  We also have new items up in the shop; I’ll share them here soon but in the meantime, if you haven’t been in awhile, you should go check it out! Right now, though, that bathroom is calling my name, begging me to clean it.  It does that on a fairly consistent basis.

{Priorities, you know.}




Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease. – Jimmy Carter

I’ll just cut to the chase; we are talking Human Trafficking.  Something that has so shaken me I can hardly discuss it without choking up.  Something that is so pervasive in our society around the world AND AT HOME that it blows my mind.  It makes me angry.  It makes want to rage.  It burdens me to my CORE.  And it absolutely confounds me.  I’m so confused!  What makes people think this is ok?  That it’s ok to own slaves?  And don’t tell me that it’s because they “don’t know Jesus” because honey, lots of people “don’t know Jesus” and know this is WRONG.    All I can sort out is that there are broken, broken people whose mentality is warped to their very core.  And I’m SAD for them.  Angry at them, yes, but more than that, I’m just sad.  UGH, Satan.  I’m so glad that you don’t win in the end.  Dark Spiritual Forces be damned.  (I so just said that. If you know me you know that it is hard for me to type that but it is APPROPRIATE, no?)


I’ll have more stats to share with you as we go; this isn’t my last post on this subject!

What is HOPEFUL is that people have been involved, and are getting involved, and the word is spreading, and we can FIGHT this.  Ordinary people can fight this.  I’m sitting at this keyboard in my robe and my boys are playing (loudly) and I have to make eggs in a minute and I might not get a shower in today and I don’t have a college degree and I’m tired alot of the time partly because of all this dang laundry and yet I CAN FIGHT THIS.  Matt and Laura Parker went beyond their comfort zone and moved their children across the world and with no training Matt fought this in a very intimate way, when not many others would.  BRAVE. I would urge you to go RIGHT HERE and read their story; watch the videos.  Get involved, somehow.  There is HOPE. I’ll be giving Laura’s book away soon…stay tuned!

Oh, this issue is so complex, and I’ll be unpacking it over time, but one amazing thing is the aftercare.  One group that gives women tangible support is Freeset. They hire women who have been rescued and give them jobs and they make BEAUTIFUL, USEFUL, GORGEOUS products of which I now own and I can attest to their workmanship.

SO.  Some ways to get involved?  Fund the BRAVO Team. Erick and I just signed up because cancelling out a good portion of our snacks and coffee will fund this incredible team of investigators who rescue women.

Purchase some Freeset goods.  Honor the women who have been rescued.

If you are the praying type, Pray.

Spread the Word.  LIKE The Exodus Road and Freeset on Facebook. Share this post. Please.

And look for state agencies!  Google Human Trafficking in your state; this is a mindblowing local problem as well.  I’m looking into an agency in Maine right now; I’ll let the locals know what I find out and how we can get involved here.

Thanks for reading. This story is.not.over.




A New Day!

Yesterday was SOMEthing else, my friends.  I was so overstimulated by the time Erick came home from work…whew!  Raising three boys is no joke!  Ryan almost broke his arm (seriously…but it was just a whopper of a bruise, thank GOODNESS), then whilst playing baseball together, Jack slammed the ball right into Ry’s smacker.  Bloody Face. A few hours later he choked on a grape…big time choke.  After that I sent him straight to bed…hopefully nothing will happen in bed, right?  Gracious.  And Jack and Luke; they are two of a kind.  So similar that they drive each other crazy.  And LOUD, boy are they loud!!  Teachers in town, I’m doing you a gigantic favor by homeschooling these little nuggets.  :)  What I can tell you is…with their spirit, they are going to be World Changers. I just know it.  God’s got a great plan for these three…


Ok, so if you follow me on instagram, you’ve gotten a peek or two into life lately; mom and dad went to the New England Trade Show in Massachusetts.

photo-38 copy We had high hopes; and DID get into some stores!  But bless the hearts of the people who put this together; about 1400 buyers had signed up, and only 2-300 came; a very, very small turnout.  We were anticipating selling more as well, but we’ll just rethink things and see what else we can do.  Not only did we have alot of friends covering this weekend in prayer, but we asked for God to supply the stores we needed to be in, and He did, obviously!  So even though orders didn’t roll in like crazy…


Eucharisteo..Always.  Praise through the good and the bad.  God will supply ALL of our needs.  He is SO GOOD!

Ok folks, the boys are at Grammy’s today, and I have a list a mile long to whip out.  Have a magnificent day, and soak up the remains of the summer!  It’s a New Day…so thankful that every morning gives us a fresh start!


It’s Flying By…

Well hello to you!

Sparse postings lately, not so sparse of a life, I assure you!  Where does summer fly away too, and why so quickly?  Erick started school yesterday; workshops then students on Wednesday…the start of the schoolyear always makes me a little sad; what I wouldn’t give to have my hubby by my side all of the time!  But he’s gifted at what he does; they don’t make too many teachers like him. :)  The boys and I will start up the schoolyear at home this week; I think it’s going to be an interesting homeschooling year with a 2 year old in tow; pray for us please?  Hopefully it will exceed my expectations!

Erick and I snuck away for a day 2 weeks ago; someday I want to take a full-on vacation.  Go somewhere for a week, at least!  Take the whole family and just have a ball.  But for the last few years, little escapes have gotten us through.  Mom and dad watched the boys; we hit the coast and explored Blue Hill; for as many years as I’ve lived here I’ve never made it there; always dodged right around it (Stonington, Castine, etc) but never made it to that lovely little town!

Discovered Three Wishes; oh, you’ll have to read their “about” page; you guys…my dream…it was such a lovely little shop and just look at the view from their top floor; the tide was out but it was gorgeous.

IMG_2207 IMG_2201

On our drive we came across this view; wouldn’t you like to wake up to that every morning?

IMG_2209We headed on to Schoodic Point; Erick had never been.  The last time I went was after a storm; we heard the waves were magnificent (and they were)…it was high tide so I didn’t even realize that there were so many boulders out there to traipse around on until this trip.  And funny story; we (mom, dad, Ryan and I) visited 2 days before I delivered Jack.  He was already a week overdue, so we bought towels and an extra change of clothes, just in case.  HA!  Crazy!



So many photos…so little space.

We also made a delivery to another one of my favorite new stores last week; totally blown away by Catherine’s gracious spirit and vision.  I didn’t take pictures!  I should of, and I will!  I can’t wait to go back.  Click on that logo to learn all about she and her hubby…amazing people.

The Good Supply

We popped on down to Pemaquid Point; it’s not too far from The Good Supply.  We were able to go up in the lighthouse!  My first time!  I could live there…OH my…IMG_2303

IMG_2304 IMG_2280 IMG_2297

There is a vast lawn to play on; trees to shade your picnic; a gallery and museum and shop and restaurant; it is SUCH a great place to visit.

Ok, this post has officially been worked on in bits and pieces for over a week!  High time I just put her up already!  Wishing you all a wonderful week. :)


Oh, Martha!

Good Thunderstormy Morning to YOU!

Woke up to thunder and lightening…woah! Supposed to happen all day, and of course it’s on my “day off” (Erick is taking the boys to Grammie’s) so while I was entertaining the thought of escaping for a bit, I’ll probably just hunker down here.

I wanted to share a photo with you, which makes me giddy for multiple reasons.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.16.25 PM

I snagged it from Jo Ellen’s facebook page (I hope you don’t mind, Jo Ellen!!) Jo Ellen and Tom are two of the kindest, talented, most generous people around and curate one of the best store collections…I could spend hours in their store every time I visit; which is quite a bit! They graciously carry quite a few of our products.  And yep, Martha Stewart popped into their store yesterday! I think I would just die on the spot.  I’m so happy for them!  I have to tell you…what makes me just sparkle from the inside out is the thought that Martha probably laid eyes on our products.  I’m 98 percent sure she did, because she that little whale wall hanging to the right of her head?  That’s ours!

{happy sigh}

Truly; if you are ever in Camden, stop in at Jo Ellen Designs.  You couldn’t support two better people!


I’ve been working on some prints…I was able to whip up a few at Selah Tea Cafe last week; it was a great little momma break.  I’m trying to figure out printing/shipping, then I’ll hopefully bombard the store with a new “line”.  I have some new jewelry ideas as well that I’m excited about.  New items in the shop, soon.


I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the past week; it’s wavered between foggy/rainy & brilliantly wonderful, sunshiny weather.  We hopped on down to Boothbay Harbor and visited the Maine State Aquarium; totally worth it.

OH!  And Luke, he is officially 2 years old.  Just…wow to that.

551030_10100989940338978_1907686966_n 1006311_10100989940528598_1084910001_n 936511_10100989940683288_580237129_n 17741_10100989940818018_508041439_n 1003063_10100989940937778_1755659926_n 21447_10100989941092468_138838744_n

Oh Maine.  I love you so.

Have a great Friday, friends!


Mag and Maine Love

Going to try to smash the last few weeks together in a post.  You ready?

We were featured in one of my favorite magazines.  Holy Moly, so fun to see!  It’s totally worth the cost, you guys!  Souvenir’s back issues are worth the buy as well. Amazing stuff; such an honor to be included among the awesomeness in this mag.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 11.50.39 AM

We’ve had some wild and wooly weather; from hot to foggy to rainy; it’s been an interesting summer. :)  Caught these on the road this week; foggy pictures are my fave.  First one is Wiscasset and second is just past Fairfield.  Not too terribly bad for phone pics!

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 6.10.38 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 6.10.18 AM

Ryan and Jack were in a parade last Saturday, and today is their last day of Scout Camp.  They’ve had just a little bit of fun. ;-)

IMG_1854 IMG_1857 IMG_1850Not only did we have my amazing Aunt Linda and Uncle Glenn up for a visit, but the day after they left, my Brother in Law and Sister in Law and Sweet, Sweet niece arrived.  We are loving having them here!  Luke is smitten with little Kaitlyn.


Having a summer full of family has been great!!

And last but not least; I’m trying to find 50 lovers-of-Maine: we turned our chalkboard poster into a t-shirt.  If we sell 50 within the next 9 days we will make a little money to help us get to the New England Trade Show this Sept: thought it would be a fun experiment! :)  Click here if you are interested, and thanks a million if you buy!


Ok, need to usher the boys out of the house; so glad I homeschool; don’t think I could take the stress of getting them out of the house in a timely matter every morning.  Ha!

Have an amazing weekend!!


The Dining Room Makeover, Round Two

Done! For the moment. ;-)

Awhile back I shared our revamped dining room right here.  It was lacking, though; I wasn’t quite satisfied!  It needed some fluffing; some details.  Things I changed;

  • Added the Rug
  • Repainted my tabletop with some DIY chalkboard paint (LOVE)
  • Painted the buffet
  • Changed my Statement Wall
  • Added bias tape around the sconces in the chandelier
  • Added my birthday present (slipper chair) in the corner
  • Finally hung the transom windows on the wall
  • The unfinished chair…is still unfinished!

To jog your memory; this is what we lived with for awhile when we moved in (it came this way, promise). ;-)

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 5.46.14 AM Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 5.45.38 AM Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 5.46.39 AM

And this is what we made it, for awhile.  There are more details in this post on different aspects of the room, if you’re wondering!

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 5.47.02 AM Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 5.47.44 AM

 And…..currently!  Fluffed up.  Much happier. The new wall…I just needed something a little bolder, that would fit my hopes for our family; it’s partly insipred by Roosevelt’s quote that Brené Brown has made so popular (Dare Greatly), and Chris Rice’s lyrics (Love Like Crazy).



 I’m still crazy about my chalkboard table; I give the details on that right here. Easy to clean, fun to scribble on!table riseandshine

Barb’s Cortilde inspired the buffet makeover; I was looking for a little something different and fell in love with her lovely lady!  I’ll give a few more details on how I refinished it in a future post…


Couple more! (Pay no attention to the kitchen.  She’s next on my list).

fromlivimgroom intolivingroom

Hope you enjoyed the tour…have a great weekend friends!

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