A Beautiful Day

Yesterday we finished up and packed for the Maine Home and Design Show; we head out this morning to go set up!  And instead of being stressful and rushed; it clicked right along.  Thank you God. We started out with another morning walk; it was foggy…just the way I like Maine mornings.


This picture  is a little grainier; I was using my iphone and zoomed.  Still pretty colors, though.


And when we took a break to eat fully ripened wild strawberries in the back yard…

Modern Laser Jewelry

I snapped this.  Can’t believe I hadn’t taken one like this yet. That sign is from my grandpa’s dairy farm back in New Mexico.  I’m so glad mom and dad hauled it up here!  The light is a little yellow in this picture, it came out that way when I snapped it.  But I like it…kinda vintage.


I’ll be back with booth pictures; we are so pleased with how things turned out!  And I have a couple of furniture makeovers and a fluffed up dining room to share as well.  Good stuff coming…

Have a beautiful day; we’d covet your prayers this weekend.  Thanks so much!